Andrew Laughlin

Our Clerk is Andrew Laughlin, who holds post-graduate qualifications in both law and management, with experience in marketing and business development, communications, law and government, and more than 15 years as a senior Clerk. Andrew is President of the NSW Barristers’ Clerks Association, and a member of the Bar Association’s Diversity and Equality Committee.

Andrew is delighted to assist at any time with enquiries about barristers’ availability and rates, and to recommend appropriate counsel for particular matters. He can be contacted on 9232 7609 or by email at Send Email. Andrew is supported by our administrative team of Zach Rymer, Anne Deighton, Melinda Morris, Mandy Allen, Jeremy Hestelow and Mary Greenfield.

If you require assistance after-hours, please call Andrew on 0413 305 050.

T:   +61 2  9232 7609
M:  0413 305 050